The Defender Power & Light product development team draw upon understanding what exists in the marketplace and what our users need to be able to do their jobs. Understanding how light and power products are used in different situations help us to develop innovative designs and use ground-breaking technologies.

Fundamentally, there are a number of key factors considered during the design and development process: our products must be fully functional with no compromise in quality- built to withstand tough site conditions to ensure safety not only on the work site, but primarily for the end user.

Unique Award-Winning Design...

  • Winner of UK Design Week ‘Best Industrial Product’ award for Uplight V2
  • Winner of Hire Association Europe ‘Best New Product’ award for Uplight V2

 Our award- winning Uplight range has been instrumental in driving us to develop further innovations such as the Defender LED6000 and the Defender Power Pod Transformer, which offers significant user advantages over traditional alternatives.