It is powerfully bright, being able to light up half a football field with just one unit! Additionally, the six CREE CXA LED chips produce 30000 Lumens of super bright light.

The Defender Led Luminator Floodlight Tower boasts solid eco credentials - the CREE LEDs are 85% more efficient than Halogen bulbs, resulting in lower maintenance. Low power consumption at 374W and running on a standard 110V supply, means the Luminator is perfect for site use.

The ECO mode light option offers valuable energy savings for end users. Furthermore, the 360° and 180° directional light options give the user flexibility which is ideal for reducing light pollution on sites near residential areas.

Supported by outriggers, the Defender LED Luminator is robust, durable and wind resistant. It has the ability to withstand winds up to 65 mph and comes with a small footprint, allowing it to get into hard-to-reach locations versus traditional generator lights.

This temporary lighting solution is ideal for:

  • Large maintenance sites
  • Highways
  • Motorways
  • Events

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