20W 2FT LED Contractor

20W 2FT LED Contractor
The 2ft LED contractor light is the go-to light for many tradespeople due to its reliable performance, versatility and durability. Mounted on a metal frame with built in cable holders it can handle the toughest of treatments. The two power take off points mean you can string together multiple lights from one transformer.
Part Number: 2ft-led-contractor-light-power-takeoff-point

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Features and Benefits

  • 3M rubber cable, fitted with 16A plug
  • Diffused lens reduces the glare
  • Cool daylight creates a clean, crisp environment
  • Features 2x 16A sockets for linking additional lights
  • Mounted on a steel floor standing frame
  • Minimal heat output

Additional Information

Cable 4.75M H05RN-F cable
Lumens 1243
Colour Temp 6500K (daylight white)
Power 20W
Dimensions 2FT
Light Spread 120°
Plug Type 16A 240V BS EN 60309 coupler and plug, 13A 240V BS 1363 plug
Ingress Protection IP44 110V / IP20 240V
Lamp Type LED