100W 22M LED Festoon Kit

100W 22M LED Festoon Kit
A traditional style festoon with LED ES bulbs fitted, gives you the same level of performance but with the benefits of LED. Plastic bulbs remove the risk of breakages, therefore keeping the lights on for longer with lower replacement costs.
Part Number: E89811

Features and Benefits

  • Kit includes hanging light chain, 10 bulb holders, bulbs and guards
  • Fully insulated for indoor and outdoor use
  • 10W polycarbonate LED bulbs remove the risk of broken glass
  • Fitted with a 16A plug

Additional Information

Voltage 110V
Cable 22M
Lumens 8000
Colour Temp 6000K
Power 100W
Light Spread 240°
Plug Type 16A 110V BS EN 60309 coupler and plug
Ingress Protection IP44
Lamp Type LED Bulb (E56262)