DF1200 Floor Light

DF1200 Floor Light
The DF1200 floor light is an incredibly versatile light, compact in design but providing a bright enough light for most tasks. Lightweight and portable, it is the perfect companion in the van to take to sites large and small. Rechargeable option has 2.5 hours run time on full power.
Part Number: df1200-floor-light

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Features and Benefits

  • Light fitted to a steel floor frame with foam grip
  • Robust aluminium case absorbs impacts with ease
  • Frosted shatterproof lens creates a comfortable working light
  • 95% more efficient than halogen

Additional Information

Lumens 1200
Colour Temp 6500K (daylight white)
Power 20W
Light Spread 120°
Ingress Protection IP44 110V / IP20 240V
Drop Test 1M
Lamp Type LED