5kVA Portable Transformer

5kVA Portable Transformer
A tough transformer which can be used with larger corded power tools such as SDS drills, demolition hammers, mixer drills, 9" angle grinders, jigsaws and circular saws. Suitable other products such as site lights, industrial fans, multiple dehumidifiers and fume extractors.

Input mains lead with bare ends (no plug), for hardwiring or a connector of choice (max current 23A).

1) If using the transformer up to its 2.5kVA continuous rating, supply current needed is 12A. Therefore, fitting a 13A UK domestic plug is permissible, alternatively a 16A (230V) industrial plug.
2) However, if using the transformer up to its maximum 5.0kVA intermittent rating, supply current needed is 23A. This far exceeds 13A mains output. Recommend 32A (230V) industrial plug (or other suitably rated plug). Alternatively hard wire direct to a suitable fused spur electrical point.
Part Number: E205042

Features and Benefits

  • Intermittent rating of 5000W - duty cycle 5 mins on / 15 mins off
  • Continuous rating of 2500W
  • Made and tested in the UK for reliability and durability
  • Input mains lead with bare ends (no plug fitted)
  • Centre tapped to earth for extra safety

Additional Information

Voltage 110V
Outlets 2x 16A 1x 32A
Cable 1.8M, 2.5mm, 3 Core - H05 VVF VDE
Weight 32KG
Standard BSEN 61558-1