13A / 16A 240V In-Line RCD Unit

13A / 16A 240V In-Line RCD Unit
This single socket 110V RCD protected fly lead enables users to connect a 16A tool or light to a 13A lead without the need to re-wire, saving both time and money. It is supplied with 1M of cable to maintain flexibility.
Part Number: E11085C

Features and Benefits

  • Built in RCD protection with test and reset function
  • Quick and easy adapter for 240V 13A equipment to attach to 16A leads
  • 1m of 1.5mm cable provides plenty of room to work
  • Fitted with robust Defender plug and coupler

Additional Information

Voltage 240V
Outlets 16A
Cable 1.5MM, H05-VVF, VDE
Standard BSEN 50525-2-11
Ingress Protection IP20