We at Defender are keen to ensure you are using the most efficient lighting to get the job done. We believe LED lights are worth buying. As we will show below, the answer, as our numbers suggest below, is a resounding yes!

The table below shows the daily running costs associated with running a 10w LED light versus a 500w halogen light

Daily Running Cost Comparison (est.)


























Based on 12 hours per day running time>

Normal environmental conditions

Kilowatt hour = £0.12 (average big six March 2017)


Wattage x Hours Running = Total watt-hours

Total watt-hours / 1000 = Kilo watt-hours (kWh)

kWh x average kWh market price (pence) = running cost assumption

Why Choose LED?

LED lights are 90% energy efficient offering valuable savings compared to traditional halogen bulbs.

Additionally, there are clear advantages to LED lights. An LED light will offer instant illumination, while a Halogen or a CFL light would still be warming up.  An LED light can also be manufactured to produce a range of different colour temperatures and quality of light (known as colour rendering) and LED lights vary massively in quality. Many Defender lights such as the Defender LED6000s or the Defender LED Luminator floodlight Tower offer a crisp white light.

Many LED lighting manufacturers focus on an uncompromising level of performance, however, in the end it all comes down to the quality of the components that make up the light.

Heat Dissipation

How effectively an LED light can dissipate heat is a core aspect of its quality.

Whilst LEDs do not get as hot as Halogen bulbs they still generate heat. As such, it is vital the heat is  drawn away from the actual LED chips.  The benefit of a heat sink is that it draws and absorbs heat from the bottom of the bulb and then dissipates into the surrounding environment. If the heat sink does not work, the LED will overheat eventually causing it to burn out.  The Defender LED6000S and LED3000S feature quality metal heat sinks within the light head, enabling both lights to remove the heat effectively from the LEDs and therefore driving product longevity of the lights.

LED Chips- You get what you pay for!

Another key component to the perfect LED light is a the LED chips themselves- they are used to convert electricity to light.

A poor or cheaper LED chip will generate more heat and its lifespan will be significantly shorter than a better LED chip from a branded manufacturer as it generates less heat and converts more energy into light output.

The Defender R&D team utilise the best components to ensure they deliver optimum performance.

Our products use a wide range of LED chips from CREE LEDs to Samsung and LG LED chips- all which are of a high quality available in the market.