Hands Free Lighting

Limited for space or need a hands free lighting option? Hands down, Defender has a comprehensive range of lightweight and versatile lighting products designed especially for those tasks that require two hands.

The Defender 5W  LED Aluminium Head Torch and the Defender 10W LED Rechargeable Head Torch are ideal solutions.

Inspection Lighting

Small, directional beam lighting is ideal for servicing and inspection work. The light needs to be bright  and powerful enough to see but compact and lightweight given the nature and precision required within the task .

Defender range of floor lights are great for low level inspection lighting such as the Defender LED Floor Light which come in rechargeable and wired versions. If you’re completing any maintenance work on your work site without a nearby power supply, a portable, rechargeable work light is the ideal solution as they offer a broad illumination. The Defender LED rechargeable floor light has up to eight hours of usage. There is a battery charger attached to the light and it can also be used as a carry torch when the telescopic head is lowered.Additionally , other suitable inspection lighting from Defender includes the Defender Mini Mobi which is a versatile multi functional light to the LED hand lamps.

Area lighting

Defender has a comprehensive range of floodlights to support all aspects of area lighting requirements. For example,  the Defender LED Luminator Floodlight Tower which offers 30000 Lumens of crisp white light at a low power ( only 374 Watts), is a great alternative to the standard fuel guzzling generator lights. It can light up half a football pitch!

Additionally, the Defender LED6000S and LED3000S are uber bright and robust LED floodlights, built to survive the harsh reality of a building site. Drop tested at 2M, the outer shell is long lasting and copes well under pressure. This is supported by the premium quality LEDs and thermal management system which keeps the lights cooler whilst they deliver upto 6000 Lumens of crisp cool white light at a light spread of 10M squared. These lights offer a 120° beam angle to up to 5M.

Moreover, festoon lights are traditionally used for general, low-level lighting. They can  be affixed along scaffolding, fencing, pitch-black hallways or corridors. Defender has a range of LED and Fluorescent festoons ranging from 22M to 50M in length.

Directional Lighting

There are a number of types of directional lights to illuminate one particular area.

Large tripod lights are classic directional site lights. They range from Halogen to LED options and they spread their glow over a large area so for a particularly dark work site. Defender has a wide range of directional lights.

The Defender Uplight work lights are a extremely bright but use a really lower power to produce the light which means great cost savings for the user. These lights are a great combination of Tripods and Freestanding as they’re easy to transport but are able to pack a real punch when lighting up a large area. They’re perfect for lighting up high ceilings so great for plasterers and other tradesmen who are working up in